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Why choose WinPure™ for Data Cleansing Software?

Add Cleaning & Matching into your own .net applications

WinPure's Clean & Match API is a proven data cleaning & world class data matching engine to integrate into your applications. The component provides a compact and efficient solution to the problems of data quality and duplication on any Windows based system.


Value for Money

We understand data cleansing and data deduplication software and we can help save your business time and money.

WinPure listens and implements

The success of our software has been the ability to listen to our customers and implement changes that are continually helping to improve and create new WinPure products.

WinPure™ Brand

Making data cleansing and data deduplication easy and affordable. Until now, data cleansing and data matching was a very expensive and difficult task.


WinPure™ Worldwide

Users in over 30 countries and across 5 continents now rely on WinPure software to help improve the quality of their information. Our software is simple to use, yet extremely powerful. Ask our users.


WinPure is a great product, we’ve been using it with excellent results for many years now, for finding and removing duplicate records and to keep our lists and database more accurate. Keep up the good work guys

Richard E Furlong

CEO/Founder at

A very powerful but easy to use tool to for cleansing and removing duplicates from databases. I have used Clean & Match for many of my clients, and I am regular recommending this product to other clients

Naveed Leghari

Business Analayst at Vodafone UK

I needed to detect possible fraudulent entries as well as perform simple data cleansing in order to create more efficient systems and reduce the amount of redundant data stored. WinPure Clean & Match is a software tool we simply cannot recommend enough

Alan Kirk

IT Manager, Luton County Council

Features advanced algorithms which are universal for any string data (Names, Addresses, Materials, etc)

Industry Leading matching capabilities to integrate into your applications

Sample code included for Visual Basic and c#.

In memory processing with parallel execution, making full usage of modern Core-iX cpu's and 64-bit systems
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